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Navasota Blues Alley:  For those shopping for the soul within.

Eclectic, Endearing and Excellent. And let’s not forget educational. Navasota Blues Alley is downtown Navasota’s flagship of cultural experience. While offering a free blues museum in the heart of an historic downtown, the store offers an impressive variety of quality, authentic souvenirs of the Brazos Valley: Primitive antique furniture, vintage music, restored radios, and the finest in locally produced jewelry, fine art, hand thrown pottery, and hand-crafted furniture. We also offer an excellent selection of collector’s coins and many other collectibles.

NEW TO THE ALLEY!  We now carry various brands of new & used acoustic and electric guitars, CBG's, Ukes, strings, tuners, amps, straps, stands & more.  Also Texas-made coffees, jams, jellies & jarred items.

Navasota Blues Alley is a beautiful store where the Old South shares ground with the American West, in a rich cultural blend that can only be found in Texas. Multiple cultures met here in Navasota and forged a unique look and sound. Scottish, German, Hispanic and African peoples each brought traditions in art, music and craftsmanship that can still be seen today. The Texas State Legislature named Navasota as the official “Blues Capital of Texas” and the memory of Mance Lipscomb, Navasota’s famed bluesman, permeates the showroom. Museum exhibits throughout the store celebrate Navasota’s deep music heritage. Serious collectors of Texana frequent this bastion of Southwestern material culture, where they usually find early Texas hand-thrown stoneware, Native Americana, early Texas handmade furniture, and Cowboy and Sporting collectibles.

The philosophy of the store is simple: Only real stuff.  Very little plastic, besides vintage beer signs, antique records and collectible vinyl LP’s.  No pretentious, brand new-made to look old junk from third world countries, no resin castings, and no fakes. No trendy, mass produced merchandise purchased at some Dallas market, anticipating what shoppers are looking for.  Our customers are tired of commercial contrivances with no soul, imported to flood the future garage sales of America. They appreciate the standards that have always guided consumers: Quality, Scarcity, and Classic appeal.

We buy our merchandise and align with vendors with these three guiding values, and feature handmade things with soul, that speak of Texan craftsmanship and heritage; Real things that tell stories. Here is where you can find icons of Texas lifestyle and history that will hold their value.  

Navasota Blues Alley was founded by Texas painter and sculptor Russell Cushman, who shows some of his art in the shop. Cushman is also a local historian, and has created the blues museum here to educate tourists and locals alike about the blues history of the area. Visitors come from all over the world to visit the graves and hangouts of Navasota music legends like Mance Lipscomb, Blind Willie Johnson, Texas Alexander, Jerry Jericho and Joe Tex, and this museum brings those legends to life.

Shoppers groove to their melodies as they survey vestiges of the culture that produced them. It's a store, a museum, an instant primer on Brazos Valley culture, and even a live music venue occasionally, and has become an essential stop for anyone locally, or that passes through the region. There is no place like it!

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